Central Management CCTV Software

Utilizing IC Realtime's PSS Software you are able to connect up to
400 separate IP addresses simultaneously. With 36
(expandable up to 121) individual viewing windows you can bring up
36 individual sites at once and review live and reordered data from
each site at the same time. Full PTZ control and two way audio are
also at your fingertips, allowing for full control from anywhere in
the world. The PSS Software is


• Multiple IP and devices supported. It can manage multiple DVRs,
video server, IP camera, decoders and other network product
connections allowing monitoring, PTZ control, DVR configuration
and DVR playback.
• E-map supported. Our CMS software has a device tree combined with
an E-map makes finding cameras easily
• Supports decoders to realize the virtual matrix system and video wall
• Monitoring plan supported. You can set individual plans for each site
or even bring multiple sites together and set a time for it to start
every day.
• Network configuration and upgrade. You can configure the setting of
each device and update the software on your DVR directly from the
remote software
• Scheduled network backup. Allows you to record data from sites at
specified times every day.
• Bi-Directional audio supported for each individual site.
• Set channel name’s and set individual color setting for each camera
directly from the user panel.
• Automated audio responses to critical events such as loss of
connection, video loss and automatic motion detection pop-up
• Programs configuration incorporates a ‘Self-Diagnostic Health
Report’ that can provide information on device status, systems
faults, etc
• Easy intuitive systems to use with full technical support provided
by company representatives ‘on line’



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