H.264E Hybrid DVRs 4/8/16-CH Analog + 4/8/16-CH IP

The New Hybrid DVR series - Real-time recording at full D1 resolution, plus synchronized audio at every channel. Accept both analog and ip cameras.

These DVRs are designed to provide a combination of 4/8/16 Analog inputs and 4/8/16 IP inputs. With the ability to provide H264E realtime recording across all channels, it is ideally suited for supporting a hybrid system configuration.

The DVRs incorporate a HDMI interface delivering high definition 1080i resolution images that provide remarkable crisp clear pictures of depth and definition.

The beauty of these systems is that they provide for the upgrade and expansion of existing CCTV systems without the necessity of incurring the expensive retro-fit associated with the replacement of the older analogue cameras. The DVR's receive the combined signals into one centralised, stable embedded platform.


* Embedded High-Speed Dual-Core Microprocessor & Linux OS
* H.264E/MPEG-4 decoding & H.264 dual-stream encoding
* Up to 20/24/32 channel with1080P realtime live view
* DVR400H4: 4 channel D1 Analog & 4 channel@D1 / 2 channel@720P / 1 channel@1080P IP camera inputs
* DVR800H8: 8 channel D1 Analog & 8 channel@D1 / 4 channel@720P / 2 channel@1080P IP camera inputs
* DVR1600H16: 16 channel D1 Analog & 16 channel@D1 / 8 channel@720P / 4 channel@1080P IP camera inputs
* Auto Discovery of Network Cameras
* Support remote network camera encoding setting & image adjustment
* Support Multi-brand network cameras such as: ICRealtime, Arecont Vision, AXIS, Canon, Dynacolor, Panasonic, SAMSUNG, SANYO, SONY and ONVIF
* 16-channel simultaneous real-time playback
* Smart Search and Quick-Pinpoint Grid Interface
* Loop back video output for every channel
* Matrix video output for Spot monitor applications
* HDMI, VGA, BNC Synchronous Video Output
* Alarm Triggering: Screen notification, audio alarm, PTZ, Email and/or FTP upload
* SmartPhone Access (iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry)
* 1000M Network
* Central management software for viewing/managing multiple DVRs
* 8 SATA HDD and one eSATA port for Up to 38 TeraBytes (38,000G) Storage
* Fault-proof Harddrive Grouping and Redundancy System
* Support Blu-Ray Burner


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