Computer Networking Solutions

As one of the leading Networking companies in Kenya we offer: LAN / WAN Concept, Design and Implementation - Wired or Wireless, our team of Highly trained personnel use Industry leading equipment and systems to conceptualize, design, implement, support and manage networks that are reliable, robust, scalable and secure.

Our Networks and Engineering Solutions include:

Wired and Wireless Networking Solutions

- Wireless networks provide users tremendous mobility and flexibility.

=>  netCASTER+

What is netCASTER+ ?

The CloudCasters' netCASTER+ is a wireless network extender that allows you to quickly expand the reach of your network to any location, regardless of available infrastructure. The netCASTER+ is a portable wireless access point, and more, that can be deployed in minutes, and you donít have to be an IT professional to do it. netCASTER+ is a complete plug-and-play solution that anybody can use.

It is a rugged, weather resistant, mobile broadband to WiFI solution that can be deployed to monitor an event, and help you coordinate any necessary response with live video stream, for real-time monitoring. The netCASTER+ can be connected to a point to point radio to grab any Internet source up to 8 kms away. It can be configured to use most all 3G & 4G carriers simultaneously, and it will load balance and failover automatically between all WAN links. Transmit voice, video and data simultaneously from anywhere.

Its applications include:

* Remote Data Acquisition
* Internet Service
* Video Transmission
* Security and Surveillance
* Private Networks (Supports VPN)
* WiFi Hot Spots
* VoIP

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IP & Internet Networks

- The key to IP (Internet protocol) networks is ubiquity and interoperability. IP is what has enabled and allowed the creation of the Internet with the ability of diverse networks to inter-connect and exchange traffic around the world. These same protocols and principles are used by BSL to IP networks that inter-connect separate LANs into a powerful borderless network of their locations of a company.

Security & Virtual Private Network (VPN)

- Networks, including the internet, provides both tremendous advantages and security challenges. Insecure networks are exploited by hackers or crackers to illegally obtain corporate information that jeopardize the fortunes of organizations. We design and implement network security solutions and against all form of threats including illegal entry and information theft,  malicious software (virus, worm, etc) and data corruption.

IP Telephony/Voice over IP

- IP Telephony is the result of a fully converged voice and data network. IP Telephony systems provide high levels of integration with messaging systems and customer resource management systems - which create efficiencies and provide better service. We also offer video conference facilities and systems.


-We help companies implement - messaging servers such as Mdeamon and Exchange Server. These servers provide email and advanced collaboration capabilities such as shared calendars, tasks and contacts and messages / information.

Networks Management Software

-To maintain reliable, efficient and robust networks with maximum uptime, we implement Network Monitoring and Management Software solutions (NMMS) . State-of the-art distributed protocol analysis with integrated real-time and post capture expertise provides a complete toolbox for troubleshooting and maintaining networks. __________________________________________________________________

Voice over IP

Voice over IP
Voice over IP (VoIP)

Data Security

Data Security
Network Data Security

WAN and LAN Networking

WAN and LAN Networking
LAN and WAN concepts


The CloudCasters netCASTER+ is a wireless network extender that allows you to quickly expand the reach of your network to any location, regardless of available infrastructure.


The Remote Access Unit is a weather resistant patented wireless access solution that provides: Wi-Fi hotspot, 3 Ethernet ports,USB ports, a Power Over Ethernet port, and one VoIP port for connecting an IP phone or fax machine.



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