CCTV Video Management System / Security Information Management System / Integrated Security System (VMS / SIMS / ISS)

We are partners with IPVision software and have distribution rights in Kenya including the greater East and Central Africa. IPVision Software’s Virtual Video Recorder™ (VVR™) is a complete software- only video management solution that centrally configures, indexes and manages network- distributed third party security / surveillance CCTV cameras or video encoders, video recordings, event messages and storage devices. The VVR™ has evolved and matured over the past several years, with a variety of diverse deployments, many with hundreds of cameras each. Production installations range from commercial, to enterprise, and industrial, military, municipal and government agencies. Specifically, VVR systems can be found in hotels, power generation and distribution facilities, telecommunications towers and switching stations, logistics distribution and repair centers, various municipalities and federal agencies, as well as a range of commercial users in the food and hospitality sectors.

IPVision software has modernized security systems with its compact
architecture geared towards minimizing costs and maximizing security
capabilities, plus ability to integrate with various external systems such
as access controls, alarm systems, image / data analytic systems (Surveillance video analytic systems i.e face capture and recognition, License plate recognition, traffic monitoring, intrusion and perimeter analytics, object tracking and many more) and SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and many more. Being a virtual video recorder, it eliminates the need for DVRs and CCTV servers in a multi-branch setup; leading to the use of one or few servers in a central location only. This leads to reduced costs in managing DVRs and CCTV servers and at the same time leaving room for expansion. DVRs are rigid in that they have limited channels for cameras plus they are also expensive when it comes to expansion.

The IPVision Software difference: The VVR creates a different and superior system architecture that delivers unparalleled scalability with fewer servers, resulting in lower initial and ongoing costs. The VVR eliminates the need for recording servers by leveraging all the capabilities of the cameras and storage to maximize your system level return on investment. Used
by a wide range of customers, including some of the most demanding in the world, the IPVision Software Virtual Video Recorder is a proven solution. Whether it’s 50 sites with 4 cameras, 10 sites with 8 cameras or 4 sites with hundreds of cameras, the VVR provides a very compelling Total Cost of Ownership solution.

IPVision Software helps companies:

+ Reduce the total cost of ownership (TOC) of surveillance and security
systems while increasing the number of deployed cameras and locations.
+ Better manage IT resources by eliminating costly and proprietary recording servers and all their support.
+ Access live and recorded video from onsite and remote locations.
+ Manage and control CCTV cameras, encoders, storage devices, and control doors from a centralized location.
+ Create indexes of full-time and event-triggered video recordings based on video and nonvideo events.
+ Replicate and relocate recorded video from remote sites to a central site.
+ Manage and generate event messages, including user notifications,
escalation and workflow logs through secure instant messages.
+ Enable two-way Voice over IP (VoIP) communications.




Central Management of CCTV cameras

Central Management of CCTV cameras
Central Management of CCTV cameras and integration with other security systems such as Alarms and Access Control

Multi Location surveillance

Multi Location surveillance
Multi Branch / Site capability

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